Sunday, April 5, 2009

In the beginning we were just three pals who worked for Wal-Mart. Over the years we have gotten to know one another and have become quite good friends.
Friday night is our night to get together and gossip, laugh oh, yes and drink...a little. We started going to the local ball park and watch the young men in town play ball. Two of them are my young men. Johnny and Tommy. I am Amy. I use to work at Wal-Mart but went on to another job. Carm and Christy are the other two of our trio.
When we started going to the games the boys thought we were "goofy" and cackled like old hens. We are what we are. So we dubbed ourselves "The Goof Troop" Once that happened we had a purpose.
Bring joy to one another, Never take ourselves serious and give our kids something to worry about!
We usually hang around our town but have been known to have an adventure or two. Our first adventure comes in on a beautiful September day we took a trip down river and found the coolest sandbar. Somebody is handy and strong. They took medium sized satelite dishes and turned them upside down and put them on a pole like a huge umbrella. There was a bench with a roof of sorts to sit and watch the river go by and there was even a toilet with three walls for privacy. We were having such a great time and took this picture standing in front of a piling that was made out to look like a women with bra and undies and stored in her crotch was a phone. Thats what I have up to my ear. On our trip home we ran out of gas! Fear not, we are women and us roar! We got ourselves to shore and got some gas from my son-in-law who now holds this over my head. We did finally get home and enjoyed recounting our tale to anyone dumb enough to ask.
When we saw the pictures we took ,we knew this picture was our xmas card and the Goof Troop was offical.
Join us while we document our lives, our friendship and what goes on in the mind of 50 something old girls.
You believe us don't you.......Cuz it's true!

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