Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Goof Troop Cafe'

After a season of watching "our boys" play ball we got the idea of opening a concession stand. I mentioned our idea to the mayor of our Village ( it is considered a village by state determination) and he told me that there was a popcorn machine, sno cone maker,fridg and freezer.
So we gave it a brush down and a wash. Man was it dusty. The concession stand had not been used in years. I gave the outside a coat of paint and it looked loved but well worn.
Everything we sold was donated by us. We served popcorn, sno cones ( we used some of the crushed ice for our Margharitas)
hot dogs , brats and pop.
Our idea was to make a little $ for the Village. Now there is a betterment committee that the $ goes to. We also wanted our players to have something to eat because many of them come to the game from work and then have a few beers so our nurturing souls want to feed them. The rule is that after the game any hot dogs and brats and popcorn left get servred to the guys at no charge.
One thing we did discover was that children were our clientele and that nights when there werent many kids, business was bad.
Being in the concession stand was a great spot to watch the game. Except foul balls. We had to remind them not to hit their mother!
It was nice to hear the comments of the locals when they came to buy. Our favorite bar in Hubbard is D.J.'s and they would send someone to buy brats for the bar customers and take them back. What a sense of community. We love it!
After the game when everyone left we would clean up and then sit out on the patio in front of the stand and relax for awhile under the christmas lights . What fun!

You believe us don't you?

Cuz it's true!

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